Saturday, September 13, 2008


So here I sit at 1:33 a.m. at the computer because when I lay down all I can do is cough. I have been sick for a week now. I keep thinking everyday that tomorrow will be the day that I am all better. Well it is just not happening. I am sure the rest of you are all snug in your beds and dreaming of suger plumbs or what have you. HAHA now I can't wait for Christmas.

I have not posted on here in forever. I feel like I have nothing interesting to say lately. I just feel super busy. So much has happened it would take forever to tell you everything. I just need to be better at this blogging thing. Shawn better start posting too dangit!

Let's see ... since our last post .... We had our 1 year Temple sealing anniversary on Sept. 1st. We were sealed in the Logan Temple so we went back up to Logan to stay the night. I think we are going to do it every year. We stay at The Providence Inn. It is wonderful there. Go check out their site . We have stayed in 2 of the rooms now and we are planning to stay in a different one each time we go. I absolutely love it there!

My neice Brynlee was born. GOOD GRIEF!! Ya gotta love babies. She is freaking adorable. You will have to go see pics of her and her sister. My brothers blog is under my family list - Nick and Aimee Sommer. Ya know what, my Mom and Dad had 1 girl and 3 boys. They kept trying for a girl and it never happened. Now they have 2 grand-sons and 8 grand-daughters. They finally got all their girls didn't they? Now on the other hand I kept trying for a boy and ended up with all girls. Thank goodness for my step-son, otherwise I wouldn't know what it was like to have a son at all.

Four of our 5 girls got braces. How cute are kids with braces?! They all look older. Yeah, that is not a good thing but they really are cute. We want to get pics posted soon of the 4 of them standing together. Three of them have blue and orange elastics ... GO BRONCOS! Yes they did it for the Broncos. Or maybe they did it for their Dad and their Uncle Justin. Who knows? I do know that if Anna had braces too right now then hers would be orange and blue, too.

My Mom and Dad and my brother Koby moved in with us this month. I begged them and begged them to sale their house and move up here and it finally worked! No really there were very logical and good reasons for them moving up here with us. They sold their house pretty quick and didn't have time to really look for a house that they actually wanted up here so we told them to just move in with us. I do not expect them to move out until at least Spring. Moving is stressful and the snow is coming soon so there is no point in rushing to get out when they just got everything settled in my basement. They have 1,000 sq/ft to live in right now so they will be fine until Spring.

Preschool is awesome! I love teaching those adorable students of mine! I can't believe I didn't start a preschool sooner. We have so much fun everyday. We have already been on a field trip to a tumbling class and we have Andrea Hanks coming to take pics of the kids on Tuesday. You will have to go see her blog too .. under my Rock Creek list. She rocks and I am so excited to get these pics done for the kids. I only have positive things to say about my preschool and my students. I am so happy and blessed to be able to do this in my life right now.

OK see I have too much to talk about and now it is 2:00 a.m. so I am going to go to sleep, HOPEFULLY, and maybe catch you up on more stuff later. SWEET DREAMS!



marianne said...

girl, you are awesome. i don't know how you do it all. today i'm having one of those days where it feels like you don't even have time to breathe, so i forced myself to sit down and do a little blogging (even thought i DO NOT have time for it). k, i'd better go finnish my weeding . . . and then clean my bathrooms . . . and then . . . . .

hope2adoptbaby said...

Its no fun to be sick! Sounds like you have been BUSY! Glad that everything is going well and that your pre-school is a success! Congrats. on the anniversary of your sealing. :)

Hillary said...

Hmmmm.....a boy? How would THAT be? lol

So, Sami tells me all the time "Mom, it's time for preschool!" And I tell her ""There's no preschool today." She then leads me to the window (every time) and points to your house and says "See mom? Right there! It's my preschool! Time to go!" lol She absolutely loves it!!!

Skylar, Jausi, an Baby Capree said...

I'm glad you found us too! How is everything going?

Hayley said...

Michelle - You are better at blogging than I am. Ryan is the blogger in our family. I really like how you've set up your blog. Perhaps you can give me some tips some day. Also, hope you are feeling better, sleeping better, and when you do, let's schedule a time for the vinyl letterings to be placed on Cooper's wall! Thanks!

Jeff and Carrie said...

I hope you are feeling better...there are lots of nasties going around right now...I got tagged...and so I tagged you...check out my blog :)