Saturday, November 8, 2008

GIMME A SHOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So we are on our way to the doctor's office. All the way there I am explaining to my 2 youngest daughters about flu shots. How it only hurts for a tiny second and then it is over and they give you a way cool band-aid to put on the shot spot. Of course they had a lot of questions for me and I answered them all with ease! So they are completely fine with getting a flu shot when we arrive at the doctor's. We get in there and the nurse says they can just get flu mist. Which is a liquid jelly type of stuff they put up your nose and you sniff it up and it doesn't hurt like a shot. It might taste bad in a few minutes but it does not hurt. So I am all for it and I OK the nurse to let them have the flu mist instead of the shot. The nurse comes in with this mist stuff in a syringe. She explains that it is going in their nose and not their arm. WELL ... the older child freaks out and steps back. "NO WAY she has to go first then!!!", she says pointing to her tiny 4 year old sister. So the nurse gives it to the younger child and she does just fine. The older child is confused and asks if it hurt. Laughing, the younger child says "NO!". Apparently the older child thought that the syringe still had a needle and she was going to be stuck in the nose with this flu medicine. SO FUNNY. She was fine once we explained it to her. OK NEXT, we have to go upstairs for different stuff. And while we are there they are complaining about NOT getting an actual SHOT. I am so confused at this point and so are the people sitting across the waiting room from us. They are listening and laughing at children. I keep telling my kids that I am sorry that I had them get the mist instead of the shot. I assured my 4 year old that next year when she went to kindergarten that she would get plenty of shots. She thanked me and sat for a minute and then asked "Will I get my really cool band-aid then"? OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That is why they are upset that they did not get the shot! OK so the other people in the waiting room are trying to keep their laughter to a minimum as to not hurt my children's feelings. WHATEVER! That is funny stuff. So we get to back down to the doctor's office and explain it to the nurse who looks at me more confused than I thought she would LOL. She laughed and agreed to give them both a really cool band-aid. She told them "I would love to give you a band-aid instead of a shot any day". The doctor came in and we told him and he thought it was pretty funny, too. And as we are leaving my youngest asks if we can go on the "alligator". That is what she calls the elevator. I have told her a million times that it is an elevator and she tells me that she will just call it an alligator anyway.


Hillary said...

Tell your kids if they want shots all the time they can come live over here. I am a mean mom and make Dr J give my kids shots instead of antibiotics whenever possible. I hate dealing with the meds for 10 days. And it seems like we do that a lot more than we should....Dang kids getting sick all the time. :)

Hillary said...

Duh....not shots INSTEAD of antibiotics, I mean the shot form OF antibiotics :)

Erika said...

That is SO FUNNY!!!!!!