Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have finally updated our blog. It has only been about 9 months since the last time either Shawn or I posted anything. We even had the snowy penguin in the background still. HOW SAD! Now I can think of a million things to let everyone know and I do not know which thoughts to actually use. I guess 2 personal things for me are: Preschool has started for the 09 - 10 school year and I am of course LOVING IT and I also sale Usborne Books now. I LOVE these books! Please go to my website and check them out Look around and if you would like to order something you can order right from my sight. If you would like to earn some free books for yourself, we can get an eshow set up for you. All you do is send out email invitations and your friends can go straight to my website and order - and you get free books! How easy is that????