Friday, July 18, 2008


I feel so blessed to finally be living closer to family now. We get to see them more than once or twice a year. We get to share in birthday parties and holidays. Kellie gets to see her dad every other weekend now. But the thing is .... my kids have been gone all week. Kellie is at her dads, Olivia and Alaina are at trek (lucky girls), Ashlee and Anna are at my mom and dads house, and Nolan has been with his mom (which is fine). You would think that I would be super happy to have the children out of the house for a while. OK fine I am happy BUT it is so quiet. The children FINALLY get back tomorrow after being gone ALL week. I told Shawn the other day that I am not sure I will be able to deal with our children moving out EVER! I have been doing day care/preschool for the past 11 years. I am use to noise and chaos. What will I do when they all move out??? When I was younger I always had this dream of sitting in my rocking chair on my porch with my husband, drinking lemonade, and watching the grand-kids swing on a tire swing hanging from our HUGE tree in our front yard. What the heck was I thinking? First off - I don't enjoy lemonade and second - what else will we be doing? Is that all there will be to do? No messes to clean up.
No driving back and forth to dance and sports or what have you. No breaking up fights. No kids to send back to bed, because as Anna would say in the middle of the night "my bed is not comforble". No one to fight over who gets to sit on my lap and love me. No one to call me from school because they are ill or forgot something. No one to help floss or brush their teeth. No one to scare as they pass the room I am hiding in. I just pray that Shawn and I remain the best of friends so that we don't ever have to try to remember how to be friends when the kids are all gone. I MISS ALL MY KIDS! ~Michelle~


Hillary said...

It's funny...I am always excited when my kids go to Auntie's for the weekend but then just as excited for them to come back. (sometimes that quickly wears off once they ARE back....) Better watch what you say, you'll end up with 6 kids, all married with children that all want to live with you. Oh and all at the same time :)

Andrea Hanks said...

Hello my friend! I really wanted to say I like your kids pictures, some of the pictures I LIKE A LOT MORE....hee hee.

Thanks for the kind words about my photos. And thanks for keeping me updated on my phone numbers. Just so you know, I really don't post too many comments on the blogs. They seem to be very time oonsuming, I can barely keep up with everything else in my life....sooooooo I might just call you instead!

Love ya!