Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NEWBIES :) Our first post!!!!

So Shawn wanted a blog SOOOOO bad. He told me that if I wanted to I could surprise him with one. Well, honey bunch, here ya go - adorned with Broncos, pictures of our wonderful children, and well nothing else yet.

I am trying to figure this whole BLOG thing out. Marianne Duke told me - and I quote - "you get a blog and you will never shower again and the house will stay messy". Well I saw her house and it didn't look messy at all to me and she apparently blogs in her sleep.

I suppose this whole BLOG thing will be fun. It will teach me how to open up and let other's know about me/us. I think I tend to be too personal when it comes to "US". Oh, but I do love to talk sometimes. My Primary Presidency will tell you that I always have something to say about everything we talk about and even the stuff we don't talk about. They love me!


marianne said...

You're right, we do love you. And just for the record, I did take a shower today!

Hope you enjoyed your kidless evening!

Hillary said...

Here we go! I checked earlier and it didn't seem I could comment. But actually it was 1:30am so maybe it was there, I my mind just wasn't :)

Marianne is'll never clean or shower again, haha. Sami is excited to go to school and get her own backpack!

Erika said...

That makes me laugh what marianne said!! Yeah it really does suck you in and soon I'm invested in everyone's lives even people I don't know... anyway! it makes me laugh too that your husband wanted a blog so bad, cause mine could care less, he only looks at it when I ask him to read a post to make sure it makes sense. oh well, at least that means I can talk about him all i want, ha ha!

as for the mother daughter singing team... ya I don't think so... :)

hope2adoptbaby said...

Hi Michelle,
I too have been sucked into people's lives through their blogs...but its so fun! :) Have a great day. Shelby