Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I just love it when my kids say the craziest things. The most recent was a conversation with Anna this morning. It went as follows:

Anna: Mom, are we going to let that bee live in our house for days?

Mom: That is not a bee sweetheart, it's a fly and no we are not going to let it live here for days.

Anna: It's going to get me and hurt me.

Mom: No it's not going to hurt you. It just wants to eat our food. Flies don't hurt us. They just fly around our house looking for stuff to eat.

Anna sits for a few moments and then asks ... Mom, do flies have little forks that they eat our food with? (holding her thumb and pointy finger as close together as she can to illustrate how tiny the fork would be)

(((OH MY GOSH!!! It took every thing I had not to bust out laughing!!!!)))

Mom: No they do not eat like us. They eat their food just with their mouths, like a dog.

Anna: That's funny!! (giggles)

She thought that was the funny part! I LOVE MY CRAZY KIDS!


Hillary said...

HAHA that is cute. Sami is the funny one over here. She is definately going to be the class clown. She is always doing stuff, making faces and doing gestures that she knows will make us laugh. Just you wait..... :)

marianne said...

That's pretty cute. How do you know they DON'T carry around little forks? What makes you so smart? :)

Olivia said...

ahahahahaha oh my gosh i love anna she is so funny

Erika said...

That's so dang cute!!!! I loved that!

Erika said...

Oh and I hope you're feeling better, Michelle.