Thursday, July 24, 2008

A sick Mom

What good kids we have! Michelle has been sick the past couple of days, last night I took her to the doctors and they said she had strep. Here I am at work, kinda worried about my sweet wife, so I call home - Kellie answers the phone, she is such a sweet girl taking care of Anna and Ashley and running water and medicines upstairs for mom. It is so nice to have kids that can step up and be such good kids. I love my kids they all have a sweet spot in my heart!

Get better sweetie!



Hillary said...

That's nice to have kids old enough to help out. Tasha and Emma can be pretty big helpers, too, even as young as they are. Hope you get better soon, Michelle!

marianne said...

aw, michellie bellie is sick? maybe i should bring some otter pops over. ya, that will definately help! i wish there was someone at my house to take care of me when i am sick. i usually just have to suck it up!

hope2adoptbaby said...

Lucky you to have little (and not so little) helpers around your house! Hope you're feeling better soon, Michelle!